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NetSuite is the world's fastest growing ERP utilized on a perfect cloud environment with 40,000 users; the world's largest number. It is also one of the few global ERP vendors that realizes a single instance multi-tenant architecture, enabling small and medium-sized companies to utilize a system infrastructure equivalent to that of a large company.

NetSuite ERP

Financial Management (Receivable/Payable Management, General Ledger Management)

Supply Chain Management/Purchasing・Inventory Management

Order/Invoice Management

Shipping/Distribution Management

Revenue Recognition Management

Employee Management/Expense Management

Budgets Management

Management Accounting and Visualization

Global・Group Strengthening Management Foundations
Visualization of Management
Productivity Improvement and Work Style Reform

Trading companies/wholesale distributors/retailers

Trading companies/wholesale distributors/retailers

  • Boosting sales by CRM/SFA.
  • Building an EC site to promote sales and implementing omni-channel retailing.
  • Optimizing a supply chain by sophisticated inventory management controlling location, lot and serial numbers.
  • Sales forecast and appropriate inventory management by the use of demand planning.
  • Promoting visualization of the SCM process.
  • Streamlining purchasing/sales activities using the screen dedicated to customers/suppliers.

IT Services

IT Services

  • Proper management of project resources.
  • Management of project plan and its progress.
  • Recognition and visualization of project revenue in real time.
  • Total provision of services for customer life-cycle from initial meetings, contract execution to support.
  • Reflecting earnings and expenses per project and financial management of all companies in real time.



  • Smooth formulation of manufacturing plan.
  • Preparation of bill-of-materials and appropriate production instructions.
  • Work efficiency improvement by purchasing function which covers procurement to payment.
  • Requirements planning to maintain proper inventory.
  • Promotion of cost reduction by real-time visualization of costs.
  • Establishment of group-based operation at several bases including overseas plants and distributor.

Cloud Business Systems

As all business assignments and systems run on cloud computing, each assignment and base are linked in real time.


Screens, data items and records can be easily added without programming. Linking with other systems can be easily done with SuiteTalk web services platform integration.

BI tools

Segment-based gain and loss management and revenue analysis can be carried out using prepared KPIs and standard reports, and real-time operation suited to the business sector using the BI tool.

TCO Reduction

As it works in the real cloud environment, TCO can be drastically reduced compared with on-premise and hosting.

Group Company Business Management

In the case that the SAP on-premise ERP or Oracle is implemented at the headquarters of a large-scale corporate group, it is recommended to employ the two-tier ERP strategy by way of introducing NetSuite OneWorld in its group companies, which dramatically improves group-based operation efficiency.

ERP + CRM Combination

With a combination of NetSuite CRM, case/customer management can be fortified and shared within the group.

ERP + Ecommerce Combination

With a combination of the NetSuite SuiteCommerce website function, strengthening of sales through Internet purchase, promotion and campaign, as well as omni-channel retailing can be realized.

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