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NetSuite Features

The Real Cloud Environment ERP

NetSuite is the world's fastest growing ERP operated in a perfect cloud environment with 40,000 users; the world's largest number. It is also one of the few global ERP vendors that realizes a single instance multi-tenant architecture, enabling small and medium-sized companies to utilize a system infrastructure equivalent to that of a large company.

The Most Suitable ERP for Global Deployment

Accommodating 19 languages and more than 190 currencies, NetSuite powerfully backs up corporate globalization. It helps upgrade corporate control by establishing a global and unified business entity, while not only consolidating accounting but also business itself, through a single instance integrated system infrastructure.

Sophisticatedly Realizing Group Company Business Management

By standardizing consolidation functions/business flow and unifying the system infrastructure of domestic/overseas group companies, their business status can be understood precisely in real time. This expedites the strengthening of group company operations.

Visualization of Business Status

Key performance indicators (KPIs) and managerial accounting reports required for group business management are promptly introduced by efficient use of the NetSuite standard functions. Dashboards designed for the top management and each role allow users to access managerial information and indicators in real time.

Constant Advancement (Twice a year version upgrade)

Twice a year version upgrade with continual advancement of many functions allows use of the system, always in the latest version.

Real-time Linkage

All data concerning sales, purchasing, inventory, manufacture, credits and debts, and financial accounting are linked in real time, enabling users to grasp the results and status of actions instantaneously, thus contributing to quick decision making.

Integration of ERP/CRM/EC/PSA

An integrated package system unrivaled throughout the world, combining ERP i.e. a business management base, CRM for enhancement of customer management/promotion, EC which boosts online sales and links to the back-office system, and PSA, a collective body of project management functions.

Customization of screens and reports

Addition and change of screen compositions or new recording items can be easily implemented on the standard customized platform. In addition to numerous standard reports, likewise, KPI and BI used to prepare various reports are also easily accessible.

Robust Security and Reliability

Through use of the cloud, security and reliability issues in terms of availability, redundant configuration, encryption and emergency power source, which are difficult to provide for small and medium-sized companies alone can be realized.

Fee on an annual basis

Our fee is based on the amount of usage only, on a yearly basis according to the scale of a project. We provide service as an option to a wide variety of business sectors.