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NetSuite Overview

The World's #1 Cloud ERP NetSuite Services

By introducing NetSuite, the world's No. 1 cloud ERP, ASTOP assists its customers in maximizing performance, thereby achieving innovation.

Flow chart for NetSuite implementation

ASTOP's Strengths

・Designing customer business by analyzing their problems.

・Helping with the introduction of NetSuite within budget and as scheduled, with our outstanding knowledge and experience regarding NetSuite.

・Designing the architecture of the entire system including its peripherals, realizing their real-time connection.
Despite being cloud-based, ERP enables flexible customization with its amazingly extensive mission-critical functions.
We provide the functions of customer relationship management, marketing, sales activity management, upselling/cross selling, and service management.
SuiteCommerce manages a series of corporate management information that executes online shopping including ecommerce, order and inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM) and financial accounting.
Integrated management concerning every aspect of each project is provided, such as management of resources, projects, accounting (including cost calculation), time sheets, and expense reimbursements.
Common Platform

The World's #1 Cloud ERP NetSuite

Cloud business applications realize corporate growth and management innovation. ASTOP fully assists customers in introducing NetSuite, the world's No. 1 cloud ERP.

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About the world's No.1 NetSuite

NetSuite is a single unified business management suite which provides key business application functions such as ERP/financial accounting, CRM, and ecommerce. It is the world's No. 1 cloud ERP, used by more than 40,000 companies and other organizations worldwide.

NetSuite cloud

Real cloud ERP

It works on real cloud with a single data source/multi-tenant architecture, and as it always uses the latest version, never becomes obsolete.

Data center with absolute reliability

It uses a robust cloud data center equipped with scalability allowing flexible adaptation to fast growth.

Cloud-based but with extensive flexibility

Additions and changes of screen and record data items are easily made without programming.

Designed to minimize any affect resulting from version upgrade.

Real-time business operation

All functions link in real time, enabling understanding of the current status through budget control/management accounting.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) displayed on dashboards allow quick business decisions.

Business intelligence (BI) technologies provide instantaneous access to various information which help in making snap decisions.

System renewal at low cost

It can be used right away. All that is necessary is a browser and network environment.

No fee is charged for update and operation of systems including hardware, software, OS, database, and applications.

Short introduction/establishment times enable low introduction cost.

NetSuite Features



All necessary business functions are integrated into one. Asset-free option using the cloud enables the streamlining of balance sheets, supporting the business of group companies in Japan and overseas. Assists operation of internal control for sound and efficient business management.


General Account, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Consolidated Accounting, Sales Management, Purchasing Management, Inventory Control, Production Control, Employee Management, Expense, Multicurrency, Multilingual

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Project Management
Resource Management
Project Accounting
Expense, Work Time Management

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Web Store, Website
Customer Portal Site, Vendor Portal Site
Credit Card Payment, Website Analysis

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Marketing Campaign
Sales Force Automation
Customer Support Management
Partners Management
Order Management

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ASTOP Provides Assistance for

NetSuite Introduction

ASTOP, based on its many years of extensive experience and achievements concerning the introduction of ERP, now focuses its efforts on contributing to the business innovation of small and medium-sized companies through cloud ERP NetSuite.

Through its methods backed by a number of introduction cases together with high-level communication skills, ASTOP implements all processes from introduction, operation and to on-time maintenance, and within budget as planned.

ASTOP contributes to

helping customers fully utilize NetSuite, while together pursuing benefits of the cloud environment.
customizing by taking advantage of the NetSuite’s standard feature, and design functions with minimum add-ons.
standardizing and streamlining business operations including sales control, order receipt, billing, inventory management, supply chain management (SCM), manufacture, received payment, financial matters, and account settlement.
establishing/Utilizing KPIs to ensure visibility of the state of a company, and realizing real-time tabulation/analysis and reporting by the use of BI.
drastically reducing costs for system introduction, infrastructure building, and operation.
assisting business process re-engineering (BPR) through enhancement and streamlining of the system, by reinforcing the infrastructure of group- and company-wide business management.
providing support by consultants with knowledge concerning business management, each operation, and systems.
carrying out feasibility assessment, planning and implementation of each project, such as business reform, handling global affairs, reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO), use of shared services, and accelerated financial closing, through formulation of systemization.

Introduction Methodology

Employment of ASTOP's own methodology adding the fruit of its ERP introduction experience to that of NetSuite, enables customer projects to start operating within the budget and as scheduled. We also provide assistance until the business and system are established.

ASTOP's introduction methodology features

ASTOP's introduction methodology features

  • Implementing integrated system introduction best suited for the public cloud.
  • Assisting efficient introduction while integrating ERP, CRM and ecommerce.
  • Performing high accuracy system introduction even with an insufficient number of system personnel by defining streamlined deliverables.
  • Implementing system introduction which maximizes cost-benefit performance.

About Introduction Support

ASTOP has several levels of introduction according to customer needs. In all cases, its NetSuite consultants use their ability to the maximum for successful introduction.

LEVEL01 Introduction Course

We ask customers to assign one person dedicated to the introduction project, and advise him/her concerning all technical information about NetSuite and how to use it. Following training, we instruct him/her to carry out configuration and validation for actual implementation, while discussing the most suitable method for the customer. As ASTOP's involvement is only about half of one month, this is the most cost-saving level for customers.

LEVEL02 Introduction Course

We advise your assigned personnel on all technical information regarding NetSuite as Level 1, and in this Level 2 we assign ourselves one dedicated consultant. Following NetSuite training, an ASTOP consultant, in collaboration with customer personnel, study a customer's business and identify problems, thereby formulating a business design, in order to find solutions through the use of NetSuite. Based on the new business design, they together carry out configuration, validation and user training for NetSuite.

LEVEL03 Introduction Course

We need a customer's personnel to be in charge of the project, but ASTOP assigns a team of its members consisting of business and technical consultants who take responsibility for the overall project including customization and add-ons tailored to customer needs, provided that our team does not necessarily incorporate all of these customer requests. Instead, they advise the customer and obtain their consent that the business will run satisfactorily by the skillful use of NetSuite standard functions, thereby achieving successful introduction and BRP, without increasing the number of unnecessary work processes.